Dolls House (del Prado) - red and yellow

The majority of the parts for this set are the same as the ones for the Green Stripe magazine set (see below) but the numbers of the parts are different. So if we do not have the part you need in this series then you might want to order the same part from the other series.

We've got a good supply of parts from this popular series, mostly sealed and just as you might buy them from the newsagent. A few have had the magazines removed, this is reflected in the price. Unfortunately, the wrappers are very thin and fragile, so pieces sometimes drop out. Be prepared to help us with a short treasure hunt to find some awkward parts. We also have the dolls, instructions, some magazines and some parts that have been taken out of the wrappers, so if you have broken or lost a piece then we may be able to help - as long as you can really identify what you need!

Ideal for anyone wanting to complete a work in progress. And remember, discounts start to apply when you buy three parts or more.

Updated February 2014


001: Left Interior Wall (0)

002: Sleigh Bed (0)

003: Wash Stand (0)

004: Washbasin, taps, knobs (0)

Note: Taps & Knops are Missing

005: Ground Floor Base (Left half) Floor paper (0)

006; Wing Chair + Binder (0)

007: Bookcase (0)

008: Left Interior Wall Ground Floor (0)

009: Dining Room Chair (0)

010: Moldings and Left Skirting Board (1)


011: Kitchen Table (0)

012: Back Wall Ground Floor [left] (1)

013: Kitchen Range (1)

014: Sink Unit (0)

015: Sink, Taps and Handles (1)

016: Central Ground Floor etc (1)

017: 3-Seater Sofa [I] (1)

018: 3-Seater Sofa [II] (0)

019: R-Hand Partition Wall (2)

020: Kitchen Chair (1)

021: R-hand Downstairs Floor (1)

022: Dining Room Table (1)

023: Sitting Room Moldings (1)

024: Bath & Taps (2)

025: R-Hand Side of Sitting Room (2)