real life crimes 1

Real Life Crimes 1

An impressive series from Eaglemoss, rising to the challenge of Murder Casebook from Marshall Cavendish and 'Unsolved' from Orbis. This formula, though mostly involving murders, allowed the publishers to go beyond a single crime. Hence, the Great Train Robbery, in which no one died, gets good coverage. It also enabled them to include fascinating sections on police forensic and other detection methods. We currently have many loose issues of the first (1993) release which we call Real Life Crimes 1 and most of the second (2003) release which we call Real Life Crimes 2.

How could the publishers have known in 1993 that the country would be rocked the following year by discovery in Gloucester of the most horrific murder scene in over a century? Or that attention would soon turn to Britiain's worst serial killer, Dr Harold Shipman? Or that the inexplicable murder of popular TV presenter Jill Dando would mystify millions of her admirers? The opportunity - and challenge - led them to re-launch the RLC series with a new numbering system and all the most sensational crimes near the beginning of the new release. The format was updated and even the binders changed slightly. Therefore, it's important, when seeking individual issues from this series, to know which release you need.

We started by listing the second (2003) release and tried showing first release issues alongside, but it became confusing so we then created a new section and called this one Real Life Crimes 1. The first release issues are in a red cover, the second are in red or blue. Very occasionally, the numbering of issues overlaps between releases. If you are still unsure which you need, please use 'Contact' and we'll try to help.

Updated September 2013


1: John Duffy - Railway Murderer (1)

Murder autopsy; body with no name; kidnap with menaces; 'Scarsdale Diet' murderess

2: Jeremy Bamber (1)

 - Family Murders

Dentist of Death (Daniel Perera); Mad Bomber of NY; Time of Death

3: Donald Nielsen - Black Panther (2)

Teeth that Tell Tales; Skeleton in the Carpet (Karen Price); Glamour Girl Slayer (Harvey Glatman)

4: The Krays - Brotherhood of Evil (2)

5: Peter Sutcliffe - Yorkshire Ripper (1)

Shotgun Suicide? Bodies under the Bridge

6: Richard Ramirez - Night Stalker (2)

7: Henry McKenny - 'Big Harry' (2)

8: Dennis Nilsen - Sleeping with the Dead (2)

Finger of Suspicion; Nine Red Fibres

9: Roy Fontaine - Killer Butler (2)

Maggot Detectives; Triple Murder at World of Health

10: Ted Bundy - Mass Murderer (2)

Found Drowned; Man on the Moors; Broken Blade

11: Christie - Whispering Strangler (2)

Dose of Poison; Dead in the Water

12: Liam Brady & Myra Hindley (2)

Moors Murderers

13: Henry Lee Lucas (1)

14: John Haigh - Acid Bath Murders (1)

Colorado Cannibal; Murder in the Cotswolds

15: Massacre in the New Forest (3)

Scene of Crime; The Exploded Body; Murder in Cabin 126

Volume 1 RLC1 complete

First 15 issues in attractive binder

16: Charles Manson - "Death to Pigs" (3)

Body under the Floorboards; Poisonous Major

17: George Joseph Smith (3)

Brides in the Bath; Blood, Sweat & Tears; "Daddy did it..."; Lover's Revenge

18: Murder in the Masai Mara (2)

Julie Ward; Mules: catching the Drugs Couriers; "Lizzie Borden took an Axe...."

19: Albert DeSalvo - Boston Strangler (3)

Bite Marks; Murder in Market Deeping (Gillian Atkins - victim)

20: Great Train Robbery (2)

Gas Poisoning; Anna is Missing

21: John Cannan - Killer Salesman (2)

Headless, Handless Corpse; Radio Arrest of Dr Crippen

22: Granite Woman & Putty Man (2)

Death of a Mother & Child; The Swashbuckling Killer

23: Barry Prudom (0)

Manhunt on the Moors; The Towpath Murders; Spilsbury: Master Pathologist

24: Kidnap of Muriel McKay (2)

Who started the fire? hunting 'the Fox'