Dolls House (del Prado) - green stripe

                  Dolls House Step by Step partwork

                  published by Del Prado

This set is the one with the green stripe magazine with a variety of Dolls Houses on the front. The majority of the parts for this set are the same as for the set with the Red and Yellow magazine, but the numbers for the parts are different, So if we do not have the part in this series that you need  then we may have it in the Red and Yellow set.

Last Updated September 2013


1: Left Inferior wall (0)

2: Sleigh Bed

we only have the magazine at present, no parts - sorry

3: Wooden Base for the bathroom Washbasin (1)

4: Washbasin, taps and knobs (0)

5: Ground Floor Base (Left Half) Kitchen Floor Paper (0)

6: Bookcase (I) (0)

7: Bookcase (II) (0)

8: Left Interior Wall Ground Floor Kitchen paper (1)

9; Dining Room Chair (1)

10: Moldings and Left Skirting Boards (0)

11: Kitchen table (0)

12: Back wall of Ground Floor Left (0)

13: Kitchen Range (1)

14: Sink Unit (2)

15: Sink, taps and handles (2)

16: Central ground Floor, Back of Central Ground Floor and Central Skirting Board (1)

17: Three seater sofa (I) (1)

18: Three seater sofa (II) (1)

19; Righthand partition Wall, Ground floor)

20: Kitchen Chair (2)

21: Right hand downstairs floor (sitting room) (2)

22: Dining Room Table (2)

23: Sitting Room Moldings (0)

24:Bath and taps (1)

25: Ground Floor Right Hand Wall