Twenty Years After

             'The Battlefields of 1914- 118 and Now'

        Partwork published  by George Newnes

   Says in 'about 20 issues' but have up to 42. Cover price 7d.

Then the author went on to publish 'Supplementary Volumes'

 Indicated in the list as 'b'



       Edited by Major General Sir Ernest Swinton.

'Not a War History but a book of memories'

Supplementary Volumes is described as "being entirely different from any contribution to the story of the Great War yet published".


1b: Books and Plays of the Great War

Supplementary Volume

2b: The Campaign in East Africa

Supplementary Volume

3b: Sappers in the Foward Area (cont'd)

Supplementary volume

11b: With the Munition Workers cont'd

Supplementary volume

12b: The Campaign in North russia (cont'd)

Supplementary volume

13b: With the Guns Again

Supplementary volume

14b: Royal Army Service Corps

15b: Around Armentieres and the Ypres Salient

Supplementary volume

16b: Intelligence and Spies

\supplementary volume

17b: In Siberia and South Russia (cont'd)

Supplementary volume

18b: The R.A.S.C in the Minor Theatres

Supplementary volume

19b: Surrender of German Fleet (cont'd)

Supplementary volume

20b: Russia the Baltic Provinces (cont'd)

Supplementary volume

21a: The Poetry of the Great War

21b: The Occupation of the Rhineland

Supplementary volume

22a: The Somme: The battle

22b: We will remeber them (cont'd)

Supplentary issue

27a: The Mines of Messines (cont'd)

28a: "Picks and Shovels will be drawn" (cont'd)

29a: With Maude to Baghdad and beyond (cont'd)

dog eared

30a: Flying twenty years ago (cont'd)

32a: "Third Ypres" : The weeks of horror

33a: Triumph of the tanks at Cambrai (cont'd)

34a: The Hindenberg lLine revisted

35a: The silent Nullahs of Gallipoli (cont'd)