About Us


Cryptogem Partworks is a family-run business which we took over in January 2014.

We first came upon the website while looking to add to our collections and when we discovered that the business was up for sale an offer was quickly made as we could see the potential of Partworks to provide a unique service to hobbyists, partwork collectors and music lovers of all descriptions.

Partworks is already considered an established, well-respected company capable of delivering parcels around the globe. We try to be available for orders from all parts of the world 24/7. Stock is being updated continuously so if you can't find the item you seek then please do contact us as we usually have lots more that hasn't yet made it onto the website. If you have any enquiries or items to sell we will attempt to respond promptly.  

Our Website


Cryptogem Partworks is dedicated to the world of Partworks (a series of written publications and model parts released over a period of time). Typically the series comprise of magazines but many contain extra items such as CD's, DVD's, Models and/or Parts. Once a series has been completed it provides a reference on a specific subject and for some partworks complete models of the subject matter.

Many collectors have found that despite their best efforts over the years they have sets that have missing or damaged parts so their lovely collections cannot be completed. As it is years since many of the partworks were published it can take time and a lot of luck in order to locate missing issues.   

The purpose of this website is to provide recycled (or as we like to think of them "preloved") Partworks so that collections and model building projects can finally be completed. Even if we don't have what you need in stock we are always looking to expand our inventory and we can let customers know when we have specific items available. We also reserve complete collections so they can be purchased in smaller quantities at the customers convenience.