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It's a welcome series, with an independent slant from a Swiss editor and colour photography, charting the world of conflict from Hitler to Ayatollah Khomeini and The Gulf War.

There were actually at least three editions of this series. The one mentioned above was the longest and the second edition. It started with a cover price of 45p, this went up to 50p then quickly reached 55p before the end of the series. The page numbering (ignoring magazine covers)  runs in sequence from Part 1 to Part 140 (p2800) which finishes Volume 10. Two more volumes were added, each running to 300 pages, with supplementary information.

The first edition, consisting of 120 parts published by Orbis in 1972, ends with an Index in Parts 119 and 120. This had a cover price of 24p. The early material is much the same but the numbering of chapters is likely to be different and the series starts with 'The Great Betrayal' - Neville Chamberlain. 

Finally, an edition published in 1986 runs from 1 to 96, the last part being an Index. This edition is housed in 8 black binders and ends at Chapter 179: The War Trials.

This series was also published in softback format in the 1980s under the title 'History of World War II', 30 issues each having about 100 pages.